Project description

AXA s.a. Bratislava

Sales and distribution consulting

Support for establishing contacts in view of marketing of retail, printshop and payment feature concepts (HW and SW)


Bundes Handels Akademie  Wien 1100

Project implementation       

Project organization, implementation and advi­sory service for issuing student cards, incl. beginning of operation; elaboration of a concept regarding system partner realization


Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovationen und Technologie

Project implementation

Promoted project I2: Intelligent infrastructure; project name TRANSMOBIL1; 2nd tendering for the project and assignment to make a feasibility study concerning the requirements for imple­men­­ting an electronic fare management for Austria, considering EU regulations for public transport ;



Sales and distribution consulting Project management

Marketing of own programming services; support for product placement, acquisition, sales and distribution setup, project handling; software solution for visitor badges on plastic cards (with and without chip) by applying reprint technology; system support, project handling, employee coaching


Education Highway GMBH

Project consulting         

Advisory services and organization for issuing a students' card, incl. forecast of the tech­niques for future enlargements; start-up of pilot phase; development of implementation concept for area-wide application, incl. prepa­ra­tion of roll-out in Upper Austria; elaboration of a system partner concept

EDV Technik Hornung

Project consulting
Sales and distribution consulting

Market preparation, acquisition, product placement: Tobacconists' Software for sales (POS), ordering and stock-keeping, system integration and certification by tobacconists’ welfare


Die Gewußt wie Drogerien 
reg. Gen.m.b.H. 

Project consulting

Development of a customer loyalty program incl. marketing concept; (IT concept, clarifications regarding the Act against Unfair Practices for realization, cost estimate)

HC Marketing Consult, 
Sojak & Co KEG

Project consulting

Specific project support for chip card projects with digital signature (Management consultant/ IT card) and for CRM concepts (client card for the Austrian transportation network)


Interlock AG

Distribution partner Austria

Organization and realization of an indirect (partner) distribution and a direct distribution of products from the customer’s portfolio; acquisition; distribution setup, project development, incl. market launch in Austria, sales-oriented customer acquisition, acquisition of a card management system (print solution for visitor badges on plastic cards);


Johannes - Kepler - Universität Linz

Project management

“Kepler Card” (student card): adaptation of the existing chip card personalizing system onto a new HW platform; elaboration of an Extranet concept to make available service point appli­ca­tions on the campus via Internet; (bring CICS, DB2 appl. on the IBM WebSphere and Java Servlets level)

LIBRO                             Warenhandels AG

Corporate consulting services

Elaboration of a concept for a customer relation management program based on a customer card


Merten                             International AG

Sales and distribution consulting

Acquisition of new customers and further advisory services; marketing of Management Information concepts, up to the Balanced Score Card method


OÖVV                                        Oberösterreichischer Verkehrsverbund Organisations- gesellschaft mbH

Project consulting

Elaboration of a concept for defining the contents of a chip card for free transport for pupils and apprentices, incl. forecast of techniques for future enlargements


Distribution partner Austria

Acquisition of new customers and further advisory services; setup of distribution in Austria; key accounting for STRAT&GO – a SW product family for controlling strategic goals via measured variables and procedures for management information conceptions

Spar Warenhandels AG

Corporate consulting services

Spar branch; adaptation of the vending machines for cold and hot drinks, cigarettes and telephone for quick payment (official electronic purse of the Austrian Banks)


Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region (VOR) Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Project management

Promoted project I2: Intelligent infrastructure; Project name: TRANSMOBIL2;  3rd bid invitation of the Ministry of Transport; development of a functi­onal and technical concept for an interoperable electronic fare management (EFM), resulting from the requirements definition of TRANS­MOBIL1, taking into account European refe­rence solutions and international standards as recommendations for a solution applicable  Austria-wide, with subsequent verification by means of a representative pilot installation for an electronic ticket (ET) with easy control


WebCraft Technologie Solutions AG

Sales consulting

Organizational and programming assistance, project acquisition, sales of programming services