Because of the specific development of the IT - industry with its ever increasing demand of creativity in implementing projects, a field of activity has developed that requests more and more competence with a varying level of responsibility.

Therefore, the offer of our services can be compared to a bridge supported by pillars able to bear the load (our Know how), supported if necessary by a network of ropes
( our Link partners network ) from client to supplier.

Our fields of activity can be found in the various applications of the IT - Business. They range from activities for the Old Economy to especially the requirements of the New- or better - the future-oriented e-Economy.

These are in particular:
  • Consulting activities
    • for "Card projects" with and without Chip, such as for Loyalty programs and surplus value concepts, but also
    • for special applications of these tokens, as requested for use in concepts of ÖPNV (public transport).

  • Control and coordination of projects
    • as well as consulting, elaboration and conception of solutions.

  • Marketing support
    • for the marketing of products and solutions, based on the responsibility of a Key Account Manager.